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Month: September 2004

Son of a-!

Well, the Japanese have won this battle, not the war.

If you’ve talked to me for any extended period of time, I probably have mentioned to you my video game idea for a vampire hunter dating simulator, titled Creamy Blood Romance. Well, seems that a team of female developers in Japan have beaten me to the punch:

(from insert credit)
I would die for you (kimi no tame nara shineru) is a new game from Sonic Team. It’s planned for the DS, and basically chronicles your attempts to keep up with your high maintenance girlfriend. You must keep her from harm, such as when the scorpion truck rolls by and some boxes of scorpions fall out. Yes, really! It’s developed by Takumi Yoshinaga, the director of Space Channel 5, and a female planner named Emiko Suenaga. There are apparently quite a few female developers working on this project. Check out the sega page with a few screens, and the official site.

While it is not QUITE as twisted as what I originally had planned (one of the girls you could romance in mine was a S&M freak, so before consummating things, you had to beat her in a fist fight), and freak scorpion trucks are not the same as undead bloodsucking freaks…. nevertheless, a lot of the idea seems to coincide.

Back to the drawing board. If enough of you are interested, I’ll post up more details about Creamy Blood Romance later.

[UPDATE: I visited their main site, and after listening to the delightfully bizarre music they put up, I can no longer hate the developers. Sort of Punchdrunk Love soundtrack meets a Conga Line….]


Am I a dork because I suddenly want to learn semaphore?


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(wait until the end, it is well worth it)


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