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Date: January 13, 2005


Plains, trains, and plantains: the Story of Oedipus

Someone actually turned this in, as a college essay. Don’t read it if you’re at work.


After watching my first full episode of Alias (my friend works on it), I came to the conclusion that Jennifer Garner, to my mind at least, bears an uncanny resemblance to Matt Damon. Little bit of surgery and makeup and you’re there.

What does this say about Ben Affleck?


Unusual sight driving through LA, at Sunset + Vine:

I’m pulling out into this alleyway from a pretty big shopping center, and in the middle of the road, walking the divider, is this guy, looks to be maybe 18. He’s got a batman shirt on and a jacket with a hood. As the car in front of me gets near him, he pulls up his jacket tail over his head, like a crested lizard. As I get near him, with the jacket crest still up, he starts rocking back and forth, before going forward on one knee, in some sort of bizarre dance routine.

I avoided eye contact and turned right as soon as possible.

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