Basis for a short film/story idea I had at lunch:

A world where everything is populated by visual puns. Examples:

– Girl goes to get jacket out of closet, there is a skeleton in it
– A guy who has his heart attached onto his sleeve, who flings himself in a puddle to let his girlfriend walk on him
– A girl who cannot hear anything she doesn’t want to (probably a fairly political gal)
– Handsome guy/girl who mooches off his/her girl/boyfriend, keeps him/her down, doesn’t get up until late hours (a vampire; think Cassidy from Preacher meets Prince Charming from Fables)
– A guy who is constantly wired into the internet, who is always hungry, has all the latest gadgets, eats constantly, checks email continuously
– Someone who starts emitting hot red steam when getting angry (blood boils)