Today marked the end of the movie I have spent the last seven months of my life working on.

It ended with a whimper. Word came down from on high that time was up. Pencils down. Hand in what you got. There was no champagne. There was no hooting, no shouts of glee. No goodbyes. No celebrations. Just another day gone by.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to it. The whole thing has run afoul of problems in color timing. The colorspace for everything else is pretty limited, due to issues too numerous to list here. Our work, which has a decent colorspace, stands out like a sore thumb. Just to match our stuff up, they had to crush the colors, to where it… basically ruined it, in my eyes.

Seven months down the drain. Countless wasted weekends and weeknights.

I’d talk about it to my co-workers, except they moved me to make room for more people downstairs. For the time being.

I’m adrift at another desk, in another building, on another show, in another world.

And you know, it’s just how the game is played. Every day’s a crapshoot. Fall down, pick up, and move on.