Alright, so, after that dour note, I figure I should post about a couple of things that have caught my attention lately:

1) Quicksilver is about the best application ever. I just bought a Powerbook, and since installing this application, I have not had to launch the finder at all. Within six keystrokes, I can launch any application, start any song, pretty well do anything I want.
2) Kung Fu Hustle is showing starting this week. I must see it.
3) I just passed by the kitchen at work, and seven people were sitting at a table, all chatting eagerly. They were all on cell phones.
4) Went to see Sin City a couple days ago, and while walking back to my car late at night, I saw a middle-aged white woman in a fur coat surrounded by a gang of burly black men in thuggish clothing. She was laughing and calling them her niggas. They were in hysterics. Standing and watching this scene was a bespectacled, pudgy man in his thirties. He was wearing a Superman costume, complete with cape, and appeared to be waiting for the bus.