So I’ve taken some time off work to get some stuff done on a CG short I’ve been wanting to do, Ghost Town. To that end, I’ve been fooling around with zBrush, trying to get good results. After a couple days of hard knocks, I’ve gotten this back from zBrush and into Maya:

Colt’s head

Now, there’s some issues here. His lips are screwed up (stupid UVs), his hat looks like it’s made out of paper, the shadow resolution is a little spotty (check the graininess on his eye), and there it’s not getting all the detail that was in the original zbrush model.

Still, I’m happy with how it’s coming out. That 10-second lighting plays off his face pretty well, I think.

P.S. I know the ears are fucked. I need to redo those in a big way. It’s like he’s got ear-syphilis.