Part of creating a CG character is sculpting what are known as blendshapes, or morph targets. Basically, you contort someone’s face in every way you can think of, and use those as alternate heads that you can morph your head into. It’s a pain in the tuchus. But when you’re done, you have a whole lot of heads floating around, which makes for some interesting screenshots.

Also mildly interesting: I have been building my own pose library tools, which basically allow me to save out facial poses and hand poses for use across multiple files. I had to come up with icons for the face and hand pose screens. They’re pretty small, and you may have trouble making out exactly what’s going on, so I’ll just tell you: the face pose icon is madonna doing her “vogue” pose, and the hand pose icon is someone flipping me off.

Nothing amazingly exciting, but I found it nonetheless amusing.