Recent stuff:

  • I got a new shirt!
  • Saw Serenity, which punched me in the gut, kicked me in the teeth, took my wallet, and left me wanting more.
  • Saw Mirrormask, which made me realize I am probably more forgiving of bad CG than most people. Which is weird. Awesome movie though.
  • Nearly finished up with that fluxed-up movie, back to the POS.
  • Woken up by lawnmowers at 7 am today, as with every Monday. VVVVVRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNN!!! VRRRRNNNNNNN! VVVVVVVRRRRRRN!
  • Was greatly amused by this week’s PBF.
  • Got nothin to dance about, but I’m dancin anyways!