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Date: February 14, 2006


Glad y’all seem to be liking Break, so far. Got another page done, and made a slapdash little webpage for the series, which will be improved as time goes on:


Not entirely happy with page 12. It needs more loving inking- and photoshop-wise. Also not happy how his smiling face is just hanging there. In my head, it worked real well, because it was mirroring the shadow cast on the ground, but on paper… eh. May get better when it gets shaded, though. Oh, and those are supposed to be newspapers and whatnot on the ground in front of his door.


Three more, in one day? I’m a madman!
I particularly like pages 9 and 11, although the perspective is off on the middle column of windows on page 11. The photoshoppy effects are very temporary, and sometimes kind of cheesy looking. Also, the art on page 10 is a little substandard. After I get a fair chunk of the story out, I’ll go back and prettify it all.

Page 9
Page 10
Page 11

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