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Month: April 2006


Finally got done with the next page of Break. Words cannot describe how long it took for me to draw that stupid page.

I had a very strange dream where I was driving around and had to slam on the brakes, but the brakes were broken, the car started going out of control and somehow hit a bump and went flying like 15 feet in the air, and then stopped. This happened twice, knocking the wheels off my car the second time, at which point I got out of my car and started walking around Bardstown Road, looking for an Autozone. Then I decided to go to the Bristol instead. Then I woke up.


Gah. Break is finally updated. Japan plans dicking me around. Work is stressing me out. And I’m up at 3 am. Gahhh.


Dear Jason,

It is a great pleasure to inform you that you have successfully passed the 2nd stage of the screening process for the 2006-2007 JET Programme year and have been selected as an ALTERNATE Assistant Language Teacher. This means you are now on the waiting list to determine if you will participate on the Program this year. You may be upgraded to a ‘short listed’ (placement pending) participant as early as the end of April, or as late as the end of August, with a departure date in September.

More information regarding your position has been sent to you via USPS. Please note the items contained in the envelope sent to you are time sensitive and require your immediate attention. Be sure to read all of the information contained within the packet regarding your status of participation in the 2006-2007 JET Program. All applicants are responsible for complying with instructions received from our office. If you do not receive these documents by April 17, please contact the JET Office.


I am NOT waiting another half a year to hear from these motherfuckers.

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