I climbed Mount Fuji today. Well, yesterday and today. We met up at 2 pm, started climbing around 8 pm, and got to the top around 4 am. It was so cold that people were sleeping in the bathroom for warmth. It took 3 hours of solid walking to get down. It hurt an insane amount. It is very much a once-in-lifetime opportunity, because I can’t imagine anyone stupid enough to go back for seconds.

I also saw some sumo wrestlers practicing. They were very nice, even made us lunch, which was delicious, even if they did force-feed me umeboshi (I escaped the natto at least). Later on, we went drinking with two of them — Tetsuhikari (I think it translates to Steel Light), and some other guy whose name escapes me.

I also learned to ride a bike. It’s been very difficult, but I’m finally okay at it.

I am tired beyond human comprehension. Pictures here.