So we’ve been having some out-of-season weather. Specifically, two typhoons hit simultaneously last night, causing a shit-ton of rain to hit nearly all of Japan. They ended up stopping the trains in several places, and I had to play operator for several of my non-Japanese-speaking friends, who were stranded at terminals. They kept giving me to random Japanese people to ask what was going on — all of whom, to their credit, were incredibly friendly. All that said, it was still kind of nerve wracking.

Oh yeah, and because of the typhoons, the festival was cancelled for Saturday. Maybe Sunday too, unknown as of yet. Suck.

Nothing overly crazy has been going on. One of my JTEs (Japanese co-teacher) is, for one reason or another, gone every Friday this month, which means I have no classes on any Friday this month. Very strange. Even if I’m here, they cancel class. I guess they take the “assistant” in Assistant Language Teacher very seriously.

I found out a bunch of my students like Linkin Park, but only knew three of their songs, so I burned them a CD and gave it to them on the condition that they do their best at English. When they were like, “I don’t know, that’s awfully hard,” I downgraded it to, “Just don’t fall asleep in class.” They were so thankful they played it at lunch. Over the intercoms. For the entire school.
I put up a ton of pictures, including of my apartment and various oddities, on my flickr feed:

Gotta run to Tokyo, getting a haircut and buying a halloween costume today!