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Month: January 2007

The immortal awesomeness of my kids

Okay, still waiting on pictures, but to tide you over, some of my students’ recent exploits.

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Profoundly horrible quote of the day

It popped into my head while I was contemplating what message would best elicit a response from my not-answering-email friend:

I once killed a buffalo with my penis. It choked to death.

For awhile, I was known as the “Man-Meat Murderer.”

Anywho, thanks one and all for birthday wishes. I had some interesting adventures, and I will definitely write about them, but I require pictures to illustrate my bizarre tales, and I have to wait to get them from my friend.

Geeky thought of the day

Key the Metal Idol could not be made today. Why? She’d be like, “30,000 friends? Shit, post my Myspace profile with some slutty photos of me with a MacBook, post a link to digg, I’ll be human in time to meet Pinocchio for dinner tonight!”

…yeah, I don’t know why I posted this either. Maybe one of you will understand me and the depths of my geekiness?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Oh well. Check this out, it’s been what’s keeping me busy lately. Took me about a week to put together. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it’s bilingual.

Remember to breathe

This isn’t going to be a post about Wacky Japanese Adventures ™, so if that’s what you’re reading for, you might want to skip this post. Hell, check out the `ubt` tag — I imported a lot of my old livejournal entries into this blog, so you can read all about my Uncanny Bus Tales from LA.

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Been busy, so not much blogging. Still haven’t written about Singapore, Kamakura, or my friends Keiko and Eric coming to visit. At this rate, I may not have time to.

Last night pretty much the entire world went insane (not in a fun way), and I need some time to think before I’m going to write about it. Everything’s okay now, but some things are going to change.

Sorry for the cryptic note. Just wanted a placeholder here in case I don’t post for a bit. In the meantime, enjoy the 150-odd photos I just posted to flickr.

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