Okay, still waiting on pictures, but to tide you over, some of my students’ recent exploits.

1) So I have this girl in one of my 3rd year JHS classes. She’s a really sweet girl, great student, and she has been hounding me pretty much since day one about how I should date this female teacher or that female teacher. Mainly her efforts have focused around the music teacher, who is about my age, and really pretty cute, if completely quiet and incompatible with my personality.

Nothing out of the ordinary about kids hounding me to date other teachers. Happens at all my schools.

So I’m playing a game in class today where the kids are in groups, and they have to get one person in the group to say a specific word or phrase, without actually saying specific words. Like, get them to say “english” without using the words “english,” “subject,” or “class.” The last one (and I figure, the hardest) was “Ms. MusicTeacherName,” without saying her name, “music,” “band,” or “teacher.” Thus, I was mildly shocked when one of the groups got it IMMEDIATELY.

So I asked what the hint they gave was.

“Mr. SocialStudiesTeacherName`s girlfriend!”

Apparently she’s been going out with one of the other teachers, who’s about my age, forever and a day. And it’s basically public knowledge, I just happen to be slow on the school gossip.

I don’t really care that she’s taken; far more interesting to me is the fact that my 3rd year student knew about it. I theorize this outwardly sweet girl was just trying to get me to hit on Ms. MusicTeacherName, so I`d get into a fight with Mr. SocialStudiesTeacherName. Crafty!

2) I had my kids do a ghost story exercise. Split them up into groups, get them to write a story for about 5 minutes, then rotate the essays to the next group, so they’re picking up where some other group left off. Kind of like passing a stick around the campfire, and whoever has it has to continue the ghost story. The prompt I gave them was “once upon a time.” Off of that, my kids came up with some awesomely weird stories. They were all pretty much winners, so here’s pretty much the lot of them. For those who are curious, my co-teacher’s name is Satoshi Okabe. I don’t know where in hell the other names come from.

Once upon a time, there was a man under the tree. His name was “Kedama no wackey.” He had a girlfriend. She was very cute. Her name was Isao. But she also loved Masato. But Masato loved Kedama no wackey. One day Kedama no wackey met Masato. Then they fell in love. At that time Naoya call on Masato without clothes. Masato and Naoya fell in love, too. They was durying (spent time together) all night. Morning came, he dicided to treasure hunter.

Once upon a time, a man was born in Nagayama Junior High School. The boy’s name is Naoya. Naoya is very cool and very smart. But he was sensual. He likes to peep and to bare. One day he peep and to bare as usual. And he met a girl. She was his girlfriend. She was very cute and sexy. He jumped at her. In hotel.

Once upon a time, there was a big banana and a mokey called Sarugettyu. Sarugettyu was very hungry. Sarugettyu tried to catch the banana. But the banana was eaten by Naoya. Sarugettyu was very shock!! Sarugettyu and Naoya fought. Sarugettyu was surprised because Naoya was nude. It was seen by a girl. She was his mother.

Once upon a time, he was born from peach. His name is Mikel. He was not fine. He was sic. Now, he is dying. He saw Sanzu river. He swum there. Suddenly the angel of white appeared. Then he loved angel. But angel loved Naoya and Naoya also loved angel.

Once upon a time, an old man was constipated. But he was very fine. Because he can speak from his hip. One day his hip said, “Do you like woman?” He said “Of coruse! But… he has never talked with woman. So he wanted to touch woman.

Once upon a time, “Don’t worry” said Utaka. “I’m afraid of test.” said Aiba. “Mr. Aiba, can you answer this question one plus one” said Hayashi. “It’s three” answered Aiba. “Don’t worry” said U-tan again. He was murdered. Aiba and Hayashi were killed. Murderer was U-tan.

Once upon a time, there was a monkey. This monkey was a foolish animal. But I loved him! And he loved me, too. We were going to marry. Suddenly, accident happened. Monkey was dead. But he’s son is alive.

Once upon a time, my father was making jokes. Mr. Okabe didn’t get the jokes. He fell in love with a girl in the village. They got married. But the girl was the man. “Oh my god!” Mr. Okabe said. “But I was woman. Don’t worry.” Ms. Okabe laughed.

Once upon a time, Mr. Hayappe lived in Ibaraki. He was a conceited person. But I loved him very much! My name is Taka Aki. I’m conceited too. We were together dead. We became goasts. They came back to life. But they didn’t like baseball. But he will became baseball player.

Once upon a time, he became goast! His name was Satoshi. Because he was killed by Mr. Okabe. By the way I like baseball. I like music, too. “I will become killer” Satoshi said. “Must not kill people” Aiba said.

Once upon a time, there was Mr. Shinsaku. Mr Shinsaku is an orange. He was on the kotatsu in front of old woman. He was eaten by old woman. He lived in her stomach. He was very happy.