Everyone keeps asking me if I was hit by an earthquake.

There was an earthquake?

We have tremors pretty regularly, and the last one we had was actually in the middle of graduation — absolutely nobody flinched even a bit, or paid it any attention. The day after that, at closing ceremonies for the school year, all the kids were standing at attention, listening to the principal, in tight formation… and one of them apparently threw up. Now, in America, something like that happens and every girl in a 50-foot vicinity would shriek, start running away, and start a stampede. Here, I couldn’t even tell what happened, cause all the kids remained completely quiet, although they moved slightly out of the way. The teachers descended on it like a strike force, three with mop, bucket, and rag, and one for extracting the kid. Once they got the kid out of the gym, I realized they had actually set up a rotating line of teachers from here to the nurse’s office to see any sick kids on their way.

I felt kind of useless.

Anywho, no, no earthquake damage. Seriously, there was an earthquake?