Dear world:

So, the Virginia Tech shootings. They’re bad. We know.

However, this does not give you license to complain about society’s this-or-that. You may not pretend that the cause of the shootings can be traced to some perceived iniquity for which you’ve been saving up your soapboxes.

Society, especially American society, is like a giant hundred-headed cat.

  • First off, it’s not a monolithic, single-minded entity, so claiming it does anything on purpose is, shall we say, a bit much.
  • Second, most of us can only see two or three of its heads from where we stand, so it’s not like we have some insider scoop to share with the world.
  • Third, it’s a fairytale construction. It doesn’t exist in any meaningful sense.

Blaming some abstract concept when things go wrong is ignorant at best, irresponsible at worst, and childish somewhere in between. Honestly, it’s not much better than saying the devil made you do it. Just sounds a little better in present company.
So don’t do it.

That is all.

Rainbows and lollipop kisses,