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All Together Now

There are very few moments in my life I’d consider to be perfect, but watching this concert live was one of them:

When I saw that someone had created a “master edit” out of the user-uploaded videos from people who were there, I had to watch it. And it sent chills up my spine, same as being there.

Watching this, I wonder if my children will be able to revisit all of the important moments of their lives like this – or whether the powers that be will manage to disable everyone’s cameras but their own and sell a managed, packaged, sanitized version of their experiences back to them.

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  1. So wish I’d been there for Death Cab. My most memorable Hwd Bowl experience was documented far more primitively…but that’s because it was (way) back in the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an-kMAPuIj0

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