This is another Strip Search challenge, to complete a comic in 90 minutes, given a two-part topic. This week’s was “Dinosaur” and “Roller Skate.” Here’s the comic. Hit “read more” to get my opinion on it.


I took longer writing this one than the other one. The sheer randomness of the topic lent itself to any number of low-hanging surrealist fruit: what would dinosaurs use as roller skates? Would a T-rex be able to use its tiny arms to get back up if it fell? I tried to push past all that and find a more grounded take. I resorted (against some of my instincts) to using Jurassic Park as a shorthand to get the basic background, as opposed to wasting time with the setup. I still feel like there’s a more nuanced take, a better joke in there somewhere. But at the end of 15 minutes, that’s what I had, and I went with it, so I could get something done.

The art could have gone better — the line thickness is all over the map. The third panel needed to be downsized, or filled in on its right side. And I think I could have definitely pushed the expressions more. I would have really liked to get some color in there and redo the linework on panel one a bit.

Overall, happy with how it turned out, but I know I’ll come up with the perfect take on this at 2am today.