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Been busy, so not much blogging. Still haven’t written about Singapore, Kamakura, or my friends Keiko and Eric coming to visit. At this rate, I may not have time to.

Last night pretty much the entire world went insane (not in a fun way), and I need some time to think before I’m going to write about it. Everything’s okay now, but some things are going to change.

Sorry for the cryptic note. Just wanted a placeholder here in case I don’t post for a bit. In the meantime, enjoy the 150-odd photos I just posted to flickr.

Traveling solo sucks

Don’t have the time or inclination to write a huge blog post now, but I leave you with these three experiences, which I think are indicative of my time in Singapore:

  1. Today I got lost inside a shopping mall. Which, it turned out, was actually three shopping malls, interconnected by underground tunnels, and all located right next to each other. Topping this off was the fact that I had been there for several hours yesterday AND DID NOT REALIZE IT.
  2. The most interesting thing I saw today was a gang of monkeys ripping apart a garbage bag. I have pictures!
  3. I saw a Japanese person today, posing for a photo with the “V” sign, and thought, for an extremely brief moment, “Whew, someone from someplace familiar. They know what’s going on.” Weird.

Side note

I went hiking near a waterfall, which was terrific fun. Pictures here. One video here.
I’ll have more eventually. I rarely take pictures of people, especially of myself, so I should be getting some copies of group photos, me doing tea ceremony, and whatnot eventually. I’ll post again when I’ve uploaded them.


I uploaded some pictures of the Mito Thanksgiving and the smaller, local Thanksgiving, which was last night. I actually got a picture of Yuusuke, our local mobster friend. Turns out he really likes latkes.

Look! It’s my tube!

I started uploading videos to my youtube account. Check them out here.

(and don’t miss the post below this one, which I just wrote)

The Unrepentant Awesomeness of Mayonnaise-san (and other stories)

I just got back from 3 days in Kyoto, and am completely bushed. I uploaded 134 photos to my flickr account, so check it out.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Rick at the entrance to Fushimi Inari. (with special guest star My Thumb)
  2. Hiromi taking a breather underneath some of the Fushimi Inari gates.
  3. Hiromi on the Shinkansen.
  4. Our new friend Mayonnaise-san.
  5. Hobby Adviser FREAK.
  6. The picture in which ant meets ear.
  7. Ginkakuji.
  8. Rick communing with the fish.


Thanks all for your kind (and occasionally befuddling) words. I’m snowed under with stuff, which should clear up tomorrow.

In the meantime, this was just too good not to link. Mafia, Mammoths, Corruption and Cloning: it’s like the perfect storm of news stories.

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