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Europe trip pt. 5: The Things I Carried

Since the holidays are basically over, I can continue writing this blog… and it is only proper, I suppose, to write about the cause of the moratorium — the presents I got for everyone.

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Europe Trip pt. 4: Barcelona

Barcelona. Is. Beautiful.

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Europe trip pt.2: my London hostel

I am going to murder everyone in my hostel.

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Europe trip pt. 1: Edinburgh

So I, being the whimsical lunatic that I am, decided that, before starting at Dreamworks Animation in February, to do a LOT of travel. After all, Dreamworks will be the first long-term job (3 year contract) where I have limited vacation time (as opposed to just up and leaving after a show is done). So I’m hitting up 8 cities in 6 countries, coming back to the states around Christmas, then leaving for Japan at the end of January. It’s exhausting me already!

Here’s the rundown on my first stop, Edinburgh.

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Shiroi Koibito

Oh, holy hell do I have a lot to cover. Unfortunately, due to a lot of the strenuous events listed below, I’ve come down with a 100.5 fever and the flu. I’m being confined to my room for the next couple days. Oh well. Plenty of time to blog.

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Traveling solo sucks

Don’t have the time or inclination to write a huge blog post now, but I leave you with these three experiences, which I think are indicative of my time in Singapore:

  1. Today I got lost inside a shopping mall. Which, it turned out, was actually three shopping malls, interconnected by underground tunnels, and all located right next to each other. Topping this off was the fact that I had been there for several hours yesterday AND DID NOT REALIZE IT.
  2. The most interesting thing I saw today was a gang of monkeys ripping apart a garbage bag. I have pictures!
  3. I saw a Japanese person today, posing for a photo with the “V” sign, and thought, for an extremely brief moment, “Whew, someone from someplace familiar. They know what’s going on.” Weird.

My Christmas present

So, I mentioned awhile back that my travel plans for the winter break got screwed over by my credit card company flagging me for fraud. Well, unbeknownst to me (until Christmas morning), the plans un-screwed themselves, so, in a couple hours, I’m boarding a flight to Singapore. Been a crazy couple days, and it’s likely to be a crazy couple more in the immediate future.

In the meantime, I leave you with two higher-res videos of me dancing like a madman in Yoyogi Park. The other guy I was dancing with was so self-conscious about it he asked me to blur out his face — which I haven’t, yet. When I get back, I plan on actually tracking a “laughing man” icon onto his head, all Ghost In The Shell-style. In the meantime, enjoy the uncensored ones of us being total raving loons:

Part 1

Part 2

Side note

I went hiking near a waterfall, which was terrific fun. Pictures here. One video here.
I’ll have more eventually. I rarely take pictures of people, especially of myself, so I should be getting some copies of group photos, me doing tea ceremony, and whatnot eventually. I’ll post again when I’ve uploaded them.

Everything I know about Japanese culture I learned from immature teenagers

Been a bit since a substantial blog entry, and I apologize. I’ve had a bad run of things, and have tried to get out of the house more, to improve my mood. Results have been mixed at best. Anywho, the Kyoto trip was a pretty big deal, so I figure I should blog about it. Here we go.

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The Unrepentant Awesomeness of Mayonnaise-san (and other stories)

I just got back from 3 days in Kyoto, and am completely bushed. I uploaded 134 photos to my flickr account, so check it out.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Rick at the entrance to Fushimi Inari. (with special guest star My Thumb)
  2. Hiromi taking a breather underneath some of the Fushimi Inari gates.
  3. Hiromi on the Shinkansen.
  4. Our new friend Mayonnaise-san.
  5. Hobby Adviser FREAK.
  6. The picture in which ant meets ear.
  7. Ginkakuji.
  8. Rick communing with the fish.
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