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Date: February 29, 2004


I’ve been posting on a forum lately about the Casshern trailer (linked several posts ago), and someone responded to one of my lengthier posts by saying “Dont u luv it wen ppl think they are film critics…”

I responded:

Um, I am a film critic. I’ve been studying cinema critical theory for four years. I’m writing a twelve page paper on the use of sound in King Kong, The Birds, Diva and several other films right now.

Mu hu ha ha. Do not meddle in the affairs of film majors, for we are know-it-alls and quick to show off.

Revolution Through Recycling

Just a question to all my friends in other states: Do you ever walk out your door and have some crazy homeless person on your lawn, digging through your trash, taking all your recyclables?
I have two or three, they usually show up on Sunday afternoon (pickup is Tuesday morning). They’re pretty territorial, though, so it’s generally just this one Vietnam vet guy who keeps screaming to himself about bringing down the government. How digging through my trash accelerates his plans, I don’t know.

I can’t help but think my mom would be concerned if I told her about this.

Thank You Jesus! But Our Salvation is in Another Castle!

Photoshop contest for surprise endings to The Passion of the Christ. Some funny stuff in there. I particularly like the “lifting Jesus at Iwo Jima” one.

That’s why you get superpowers when you’re older

Girl born who feels no pain. Ahhh. Read through this, some nasty stuff in there. Just because she doesn’t feel it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…

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