Haven’t been riding the bus much lately (people are kind enough to give me rides), so not too many bus tales. But here’s a little somethin’ somethin’:

There is a goth/industrial looking guy who rides the bus and gets off at the same stop that I do. I first assumed he was an artist at where I work, because, honestly, no industry seems to attract more goth people than the film industry. I’d seen this guy multiple times, multizippered pants and black chains and leather and all, but I’d never seen him enter, or anywhere in the studio. Today I saw that he actually works next door to us, in a nondescript looking warehouse. There weren’t any signs or anything, so I was curious as to what sort of a place it was, that would have a person of such curious appearance working there. So I googled the address.

Porn warehouse.

That answers that question, I guess.