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Month: August 2004


Ready, Teddy, Death


Batman hungers for birthday cake, declares himself “vengeance,” steals car


Hee hee hee.


Then police say as his car was sinking Abdul Mattin refused to get out and began to light a crack pipe. He didn’t climb out of the car until the water level reached his chin.


I have never wanted to buy a Winnebago so badly.

Warning: Do not click this link at work. Much profanity.

This one time at band camp

There’s been some talk of Street Fighter stuff lately, so thought I’d post about this.

It’s from one of the final fights in a SFAII tourney, a Chun Li versus Ken battle, where the Chun Li is being a cheap ho-bag who turtles up and beats Ken down to near nothing. The Ken player then gets really pissed, and starts beating the crap out of Chun Li. She realizes she has to fight hard, and launches into her ultimate move, a super version of her lightning kick.

It is at this point that, in front of a huge crowd of people and under immense pressure, Ken parries every single f-ing kick, leaping into the last one, just so he could get a good combo and fuck that nappy ass bitch UP!

Hey guys, the point’s over here

Trailer for the new Fight Club video game


And the Doom 3 mods start in earnest…


So since I finished at Stan Winston, I’ve been writing nonstop on a feature script I’ve been working on for awhile now.

And I finally finished up the first draft.

And I’m happy with it.

I’d forgotten life could be this good.


Republicans push for eliminating the IRS


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