I have run into a hell of a lot of people recently that, when talking of movies, sort of give me a wink and a nod, going into a long spiel about how computer graphics has destroyed the movie industry. You know, since I’m a smart person, I surely realize that Episode I was the apocalypse, and that CG makes everything worse.

To them, I say: I work in computer graphics, you git.

That being a popular drum to beat notwithstanding, the fact remains that most people don’t know good CG when it bites them on the ass. The Matrix 2 and 3 was good CG. If the story had been compelling, you wouldn’t have been so bored that you started thinking it looked fake. I mean, honestly, you tell me which Smith is real without reading the caption.

And on the other hand, most people will completely overlook bad CG when the story is good. Case in point.