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Sadly fabricated interview with ex-CEO of Nintendo. This took many people in, because Yamauchi has been known to say some batshit insane things in the past, and a lot of this isn’t too far-fetched to be coming out of his mouth. (wait for images to load)

(in discussions with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer)
I stood on my chair and put my hands around my mouth to amplify my voice, see, and said, in English, slowly and forming the words very carefully- HEY BALLMER, WHY DON’T YOU SUCK MY TINY YELLOW BALLS?


Hack yourself. Words to self improvement I wholeheartedly agree with.

You don’t have to keep doing the things you hate. Why go home and beat yourself up for, say, not going over and saying a few words to someone you find really attractive? Can any damage they could do to you by rejecting you possibly be any worse than the damage you’re going to do to yourself for missing the chance?

(and with that, I am turning all my future entries friends-only, as my dad has made a habit of obsessing over everything I write online…)

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