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Month: June 2005

I wonder sometimes. Is it wrong to wish cancer on someone’s children?

I had a bit of time and decided to polish up an old script I had laying around. I’m not sure if this will be the final incarnation, but I think that my gothic ice cream driver story is a whole hell of a lot closer to being done.

Check it out here.

To do

Dear world,

The following things need to happen:

1) Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City
2) Crispin Glover cast as the Joker
3) Apple buys Nintendo

Get to it.


Not remotely work-, lunch-, or sanity-safe.

they ate my clamcakes =(

This is an incredibly bizarre little posting on fark.com, wherein someone rants incoherently about… clam cakes.

Another late night

Did some more work on the model, it’s getting there:

Check it out.

Pockets and areas around pockets still wonky, leather texture unfinished, boots fucked up, lack of texture/detail on shirt, and no hands.

But! Pants are starting to look good, and leather texture is getting there. Folds in clothing look nice, will prolly be a lil funky when animating (not using cloth simulation), but am still happy.


Patriotic… cowboy hat!

So I’ve taken some time off work to get some stuff done on a CG short I’ve been wanting to do, Ghost Town. To that end, I’ve been fooling around with zBrush, trying to get good results. After a couple days of hard knocks, I’ve gotten this back from zBrush and into Maya:

Colt’s head

Now, there’s some issues here. His lips are screwed up (stupid UVs), his hat looks like it’s made out of paper, the shadow resolution is a little spotty (check the graininess on his eye), and there it’s not getting all the detail that was in the original zbrush model.

Still, I’m happy with how it’s coming out. That 10-second lighting plays off his face pretty well, I think.

P.S. I know the ears are fucked. I need to redo those in a big way. It’s like he’s got ear-syphilis.

Languages on parade

Spurred on by one of the sites I read, I figured I’d count up how many languages are represented in my music collection. I found nine, though I may be off. Some of the J-Popish stuff I have no idea what language it is, especially the Arjuna music (which is often 3-4 languages in one song).

English — duh
Japanese — lots of stuff, most of it bad
German — 99 Luftballoons
Afrikaans — 1 Giant Leap
Spanish — Some Manu Chao my friend Gabe gave me
Galican — Manu Chao again
French — some Avalanches stuff, I think Manu Chao too
Korean — A couple of DDR songs
Latin — the obligatory chants, One Winged Angel and Carmina Burana, among others

T-Rex, being naughty in my eyes, shall snuff it

Noah’s Ark battled dinosaurs as they struggled to get afloat.

Who knew?


So, to sum up:

Fantastic Four is over.

I have a month or so of off time coming up.

I just wired my house with gigabit ethernet.

I have a shiny new 1 terabyte raid server (named Maduin — can anyone figure out the reference?).

I have learned pretty thoroughly how to set up my own character rig.

I’m about to start work on my own CG short.

Fuck yeah.

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