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Month: October 2005 (page 2 of 2)


This cow is totally giving those dogs the business.

It is my personal belief that the dogs are flying through the air because the photographer was throwing them at the cow.

Wacky Japanese crap alert!

I maintain that the suction cup hat is honestly kind of a good idea.


Recent stuff:

  • I got a new shirt!
  • Saw Serenity, which punched me in the gut, kicked me in the teeth, took my wallet, and left me wanting more.
  • Saw Mirrormask, which made me realize I am probably more forgiving of bad CG than most people. Which is weird. Awesome movie though.
  • Nearly finished up with that fluxed-up movie, back to the POS.
  • Woken up by lawnmowers at 7 am today, as with every Monday. VVVVVRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNN!!! VRRRRNNNNNNN! VVVVVVVRRRRRRN!
  • Was greatly amused by this week’s PBF.
  • Got nothin to dance about, but I’m dancin anyways!
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