Some stuff:

1) I saw Narnia. Pretty good, although trying way too hard to be Lord of the Rings. I don’t remember there being such a huge battle in the books, or at least being such a big part of the story.
2) The theater where I saw it launched some fake snow on us right before screening the movie. As I looked upward at the lazily falling white foam, a horrible thought entered my brain: “Slow-mo bukkake.”
3) First thing I thought when I saw the White Witch: Ann Coulter. I couldn’t shake it the entire movie.
4) There’s a big Christmas display on Hollywood boulevard. Gigantic tree, Santa’s workshop, big candy canes, whole nine yards. And what does it say prominently on the Elves’ Workshop but “L. Ron Hubbard’s Winter Wonderland.” I am going to try and take a picture of this tomorrow.
5) Working 12 hours, then seeing midnight movie, 4 hours of sleep, then another 10 hours of work, followed by a party, followed by 3 more hours of work, until, I am estimating, 3 AM? Sucks. And I have to come in tomorrow. Lame!
6) I want taser gloves.