I finished up chapter one on Break, on to chapter two. I can’t get the last page of chapter one quite right (she’s supposed to be sitting awake in bed, and the folds make a shattered glass pattern), so I am leaving it and moving on for now. Again, the URL is http://break.complexdream.com/

In other news, I interviewed with the JET program on Friday, and I think it went well. I made all my interviewers laugh (even the stoic Japanese guy), answered their oddball question with aplomb (“Why do you think Japanese films aren’t more competitive on the international market?”), and apparently spoke Japanese well enough that they complimented me on it, and said I was way ahead of most of the applicants in that regard. So, woot. I find out mid-April, and if I get in, I leave for Japan on July 30th. Crossing my fingers, but I think there’s a good chance I got in.