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Month: August 2006

Still kicking

Having trouble setting up my internet at my place, having to write this at an internet cafe.

I have to keep it short, but life is great here. My place is huge. Our electronics store is named Wonder Goo. Random Japanese people give me fans. Seven of them. I sang karaoke until 4 am at a place called My Pleasure. My phone has a GPS navigator in it, takes better pictures than my camera, and cost me $30. I got an insanely rare DS game (Phoenix Wright) for $20. I am loving it here.

More later.


So I’m in Japan. Orientation is over, and I still feel like I’m on vacation. I took a lot of pictures and put them in a flickr photoset, and don’t have much else to say beyond the comments in the photos. I cried the entire shuttle ride to the airport, but was pretty normal after that. The flight to Japan was fine (lots of food and entertainment provided — a pleasant surprise). The trip to Tokyo was a little long (2 hours from Narita? ouch), but it was all okay. I’ve been hanging out with the other 6 JETs from SoCal/Arizona the entire plane ride there and throughout the orientation, and I’m going to miss them when we part ways early tomorrow morning. It sucks, because they’re all in very remote regions of Japan.

Probably won’t be posting much over the next bit because I won’t have regular internet service. I have to get my Alien Registration Card sorted (which takes 2 weeks for delivery), and then I can get a phone, internet service, and whatnot set up. I’ll be pretty busy anyways — tomorrow we bus up to Mito, then I bus back to Ryugasaki. Then I bus back up to Ryugasaki the next day, for a welcome party. After that, I have a lot of settling to do, including getting bank accounts set up (I get my own hanko!), ending the week with (hopefully) climbing Mt. Fuji with a bunch of other JETs. I promise pictures.


This is the greatest thing ever.

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