So I gave my 3rd-grade elective class an in-class assignment to write a paragraph or two about a fictional trip that they took, using the textbook as an example. I gave them each different places, some of them normal (Osaka, London, Sydney), and some of them weird (Howl`s Moving Castle, Neverland, the moon). Three kids came out swinging with some incredibly weird paragraphs.

Dracula`s Castle:

We went to Dracula`s castle on a family trip. My father was liked by Dracula. He said, `kiss me.` My father was surprised. I was also surprised. I went from there.

The moon:

I went to moon. Because Peter always looks me from moon, so I went to the moon to kill Peter.


I went to Neverland on school trip to kill Peter Pan. Because I hate Peter Pan. He is very stink and dirty. So I went to Neverland. Neverland was the worst place in the world. It was very small place, so I can find Peter Pan easily. To be continued.

Now, granted, I did spur them along by teaching them the word `stink`. Also, in the case of the guy with the moon assignment, I suggested he go to the moon to destroy it, because he turns into a monkey at night, like Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. But still. The Dracula-assigned girl just gave it both barrels — and she`s generally not been a model student either. I`m so proud.