Still have to find time to post about this past weekend, which was chock-full of cherry blossoms, high school friends, and dancing Elvises, but in the meantime, I figure I should update some of you on my plans for the future.

Since continuing here in Japan would be quite difficult (and because, being a foreigner, it’s a conseqeuence-less fantasy land, which really bugs me), I’m not renewing my contract after August. My (extremely rough) plans are:

  • Wander around Asia for a month or two until I have to go back to the states.
  • Visit folks in Kentucky for a bit.
  • Go back to California, either LA or San Francisco, and do CG for a bit. I’m open to staying for more than a couple months, but if nothing spectacular happens, I’m planning to go to…
  • Europe for a couple months, to visit folks I know from all over.
  • Maybe settle in Europe for a bit
  • Graduate school for art, perhaps. Or writing. Something creative.
  • ???
  • Profit

Not really thought out, but that’s basically what I’m looking at.