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Back on the horse

Okay, here we go. Fixed comments, can use the damn system again, looks like. I hope. All old comments are gone, but what the hey.

So, to start things off, a dream I had recently:
I wake up on the Joban line train, right as they’re announcing Sanuki station, my stop. It’s early morning, and I’m sleepy as hell, so I know that I must have been out in Tokyo clubbing or something. I stumble out into the early morning, into a sea of headphoned salarymen. The sun is still low in the sky, making me squint, giving me a slight headache. I’m not limber enough to bound up the stairs with any grace, so I’m plodding along, my feet heavy. I get up to the turnstiles, and they seem much further away than they usually do. It’s like a dolly-zoom shot from a Hitchcock movie. I reach for my wallet, take it out, and I can’t find my rail pass. I’m standing in the thick of things, and people are whizzing by on either side of me. The crowd thins, and I’m there, alone, and I can’t get out of the station and back home. And then I wake up.

My first thoughts were, goddamnit subconscious, you’re not even TRYING to be subtle anymore.

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  1. you’re back!

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