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How Was India?




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  1. i love this. 🙂

  2. I love reading about your adventures–the good and not so good parts. (Monkeys are assholes, I am terrified of them and would have shat myself.)

  3. India is a rude, smelly, poisonous water, shit hole. Simple.

    *Please adjust illustrations to reflect changes*



  4. Dear Bobby Jones:

    Eat a dick.


  5. I love this! India is so ambivalent that even if you would have stayed longer, it would have been difficult to figure out whats going on. Like everyplace eles, it has good and bad. I am an Indian but I am not very pleased with the way things are. It a great place to visit but I wouldn’t recommend it for a long term stay. Rather, US/Europe/Western world seems better purely from a utilitarian point of view. Thanks for great illustration!


  6. I especially like the illustration of the machine. Anyone who has worked in any branch of media/publishing knows what it is to be asked to polish dogshit into gold.

  7. Brilliantly stated and illustrated! I have been to India 3 times and couldn’t have put it better than you did. Although… nobody sang to me in the restrooms of Mumbai. 🙁

  8. Never been to India. Enjoyed your comic and story.

  9. Awesome write. Thanks for sharing.

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