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All Together Now

There are very few moments in my life I’d consider to be perfect, but watching this concert live was one of them:

When I saw that someone had created a “master edit” out of the user-uploaded videos from people who were there, I had to watch it. And it sent chills up my spine, same as being there.

Watching this, I wonder if my children will be able to revisit all of the important moments of their lives like this – or whether the powers that be will manage to disable everyone’s cameras but their own and sell a managed, packaged, sanitized version of their experiences back to them.

Time capsule

To me, when I next look backwards:

Things start and end in their own ways at their own times.

You do not control this. You do not control other people. You barely have any control over yourself.

You have not done good. You have not done bad. You have simply done what you would do.

No matter what, the universe rolls forward on its own path.

It is not so cruel to deny you a place in it.

A re-dedication

Hail and well met to the sphere of the blogs
Been gone much too long to the world of the cogs.
Pumping out pixels with quiet dull bellows
Which go on unheard by corporate bedfellows.
I’ll lay out my aim: to daily create
A skit, sketch, or screed I don’t quite yet hate.
I’ll most likely fail hard, at least til I succeed
So this post’s more a marker for this one to heed.
I return to my pens once more energetic
Now waxing poetic, not waning pathetic.


The other day, they had a health fair at work. I’m… apparently unbelievably healthy.

  • My body fat percentage is somewhere around 9-10%.
  • My blood pressure is 110/70.
  • My cholesterol is so low the machine couldn’t register it.
  • I have no skin cancer.
  • I breathe deeply and well, or so they say.

Still need to go see a doctor for a more thorough checkup, but hey! Feeling pretty good right about now.

My calling

My stepdad just asked me to watch and help contextualize Rising Sun, a movie about Japanese businessmen in LA who murder a Kentucky callgirl and cover it up with mid-90s visual effects software.

I feel that I am uniquely suited to this task.

Oh yeah

And apparently I was summoned for jury duty in LA this week.

Gonna be a hell of a commute.

Foreign policy I can get behind

Israel recalls El Salvador ambassador after he was found drunk and naked (apart from the bondage gear, of course).

Zombie Slobodan could still fuck you up, though

Serbian vampire hunters have acted to prevent the very remote possibility that former dictator Slobodan Milosevic might stage a come-back – by driving a three-foot stake through his heart.

Profoundly horrible quote of the day

It popped into my head while I was contemplating what message would best elicit a response from my not-answering-email friend:

I once killed a buffalo with my penis. It choked to death.

For awhile, I was known as the “Man-Meat Murderer.”

Anywho, thanks one and all for birthday wishes. I had some interesting adventures, and I will definitely write about them, but I require pictures to illustrate my bizarre tales, and I have to wait to get them from my friend.

Geeky thought of the day

Key the Metal Idol could not be made today. Why? She’d be like, “30,000 friends? Shit, post my Myspace profile with some slutty photos of me with a MacBook, post a link to digg, I’ll be human in time to meet Pinocchio for dinner tonight!”

…yeah, I don’t know why I posted this either. Maybe one of you will understand me and the depths of my geekiness?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Oh well. Check this out, it’s been what’s keeping me busy lately. Took me about a week to put together. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it’s bilingual.

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